Shiplap Cladding 180

Using Golden Cypress for your next cladding project creates a world of aesthetically-pleasing opportunities. Think perfect, lustrous and golden lines either vertically or horizontally, encasing your building in a stylish yet durable facade. The natural charm of timber will add character and warmth, while simultaneously providing thermal protection and acoustic absorption. Continuous, clean lines are created with profiled, overlapping cladding boards. And of course in terms of sustainability, Golden Cypress timber is the natural choice – ethically sourced and locally grown!

Benefits of Golden Cypress shiplap cladding

• A truly sustainable alternative compared to other cladding options.
• Naturally durable without added chemicals.
• Exceptionally stable.
• Intrinsically beautiful (like Kauri – lustrous and golden) or allow to weather naturally to a silvery-grey patina.
• Old-growth trees. Slow growing. Tight grain. Fiddleback is common.
• Use vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Design freely!
• Locally grown and milled – unlike Oregon, Merbau and Cedar, which are imported.

Gold-Clad 180 is perfect ‘au naturale’ (left to go silver-grey), or can be oiled to maintain it’s colour or even charred in the Shou Sugi Ban style (more on this below).

What Customers Say

“The timber has worked out really well – it will be the best shed in the district!”
Mandy, VIC

Gold-Clad™ 180

Our Gold-Clad 180 is 180mm cover x 20 thick bandsawn face shiplap cladding with a v-groove dressed back available unseasoned (only) for $51/m2. Minimum order 200m. All shiplap cladding products come in random lengths, minimum 2.1m. If available, add 10% for set lengths – as part of our minimum waste ethos, we’re proud to offer you the ability to order set lengths in increments of 0.1m. Add 20% for lengths over 4.2m (call for availability).

Unseasoned Gold-Clad 180 can be stained or oiled, can be left to weather silver-grey naturally or can be charred in the Shou Sugi Ban style. 

When applying finishes (especially non water-based) to unseasoned products it may be necessary to expose the preferred face of each piece to the air prior to application so that a drier surface is created. This doesn’t take long at all (in fact Golden Cypress dries very quickly) and can usually be done in-situ.

Fixing unseasoned Gold Clad™

Although Golden Cypress exhibits very low shrinkage across the grain, like all unseasoned timbers it can shrink in length. So when fixing unseasoned Gold-Clad where butt joints occur it is recommended to either:

1. “snap” a long and slightly over-length board into place and/or

2. express the butt joint by arrissing the end-cuts (for horizonal boards only) or

3. design to use vertical over-battens, say lined up with vertical window edges for example.



Although Golden Cypress exhibits very low shrinkage across the grain, like all unseasoned timbers it can shrink in length. However, clever designers continue to use unseasoned Gold-Clad where the end gaps are covered (e.g. when over rafters or when covered by cover-straps or bead) or by ensuring that the ends are arrissed across the grain after docking to length (expressing any gap that may eventuate).
Grade supplied is ‘Standard Grade and Better’ which includes many pieces up to and including Premium Grade.
Premium Grade may occasionally be available as a single grade in limited quantities.
Because we cut to very specific grading rules, lengths supplied are random longs (min 2.1m).
Please ensure you have allowed for wastage (e.g. off-stud waste). As a minimum allow 10% for 450Cs and 15% for 600Cs. 

*Please note that long lead times often apply so do be sure to order yours early in your construction schedule.


IMPORTANT: Prices (if quoted) do not normally include delivery fee. Click delivery button for options.


Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban also known as Yaki Sugi and Shogyu Ban is a Japanese technique of charring timber, usually cladding or siding, to increase durability and reduce maintenance.

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