Board & Batten Cladding

Available in Rustic Cladding Grade in two sizes 200 x 25 and 150 x 25, 200 x 25 being the most popular.

200 x 25 $6.05 per metre. 150 x 25 $4.54 per metre. Including GST. Minimum order $1000. Battens (eg. 50×25) or stops can be ripped onsite from selected boards using a circular saw.

Add 20% for set lengths. As part of our minimum waste ethos, we’re proud to offer you the ability to order set lengths in increments of 0.1m.

Add extra 20% for lengths over 4.2m (check for availability).

Grade supplied is ‘Rustic Grade and Better’ which includes many pieces up to and including Premium Grade.
Premium Grade may occasionally be available as a single grade, though in limited quantities.
Because we cut to very specific grading rules, lengths supplied are random longs (min 2.1m), ordinarily to 3.6m.

Please ensure you have allowed for wastage (e.g. off-stud waste). As a minimum allow 10% for 450Cs and 15% for 600Cs. 

What Customers Say

“The timber has worked out really well – it will be the best shed in the district!”
Mandy, VIC

IMPORTANT: Prices (if quoted) do not normally include delivery fee. Please click delivery button to see your options.

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