About Golden Cypress Rescued Timber

Golden Cypress Rescued Timber
At Golden Cypress Rescued Timber Sales we work hard to create viable, alternative, sustainable timber product options in an industry that is not usually renowned for its sustainability or ethics.

Golden Cypress presents an alternative option for people who are concerned about the source, integrity and embodied energy of the materials they use.

What we do is salvage old, sick or dangerous Cypress* trees from farms and other properties and convert their logs into a wide range of useful timber products. By rescuing these trees, Golden Cypress prevents this resource from being burned or becoming landfill, thus locking up the carbon for generations to come.

Golden Cypress presents a more ethical option than even recycled timber (no dismantling, less transporting, no reprocessing, no holes, no checkouts, far less waste) and the timber is Wood Naturally Better logonot harvested from native forests (unlike redgum, stringybark and “Eco-Select” products) or rainforests (unlike meranti, merbau and kwila). And because the timber itself is naturally durable it doesn’t require treatment using toxic chemicals.

Available in a number of grades suited to real-world projects, Golden Cypress is the brand you can trust.
*Golden Cypress timber is predominantly Cupressus macrocarpa –  also known as Hesperocyparis macrocarpa –  (Monterey Cypress), a native of North America and a true Cypress. Occasionally we include other Cypress variants (eg. macrocarpa hybrids, lawson, lusitanica, etc.) with similar or better properties. Golden Cypress is not “cypress pine” which is an Australian native harvested from State Forests and private land clearing.