Sculpture / Create

Due to its inherent stability, work-ability and durability, Golden Cypress is favoured for timber carving by wood-turners, carvers and craftspeople the world over. Our timber also offers amazing decorative appeal, with lustrous golden hues and a tight grain, making it easy to create stunning pieces. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.


Benefits of Golden Cypress timber

• Naturally strong and durable with exceptionally low shrinkage.
• Highly workable. Lustrous. Fiddleback is common.
• Naturally termite resistant, with a slight spicy fragrance.
• Chemical free and ethically sourced.
• Tight grain. Minimal sapwood.

Grades and Prices

We sell logs too. Let us know what you need. Remember though, logs themselves aren’t expensive but the logistics of their loading, delivery and unloading can be!

Contact us or call Rod our National Sales Manager on 0408 372 600 to discuss your specific needs.

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