Whatever your decking requirements, we have the perfect solution for you. Sustainable Golden Cypress timber can be used for boardwalks, domestic or commercial decks, wharf-style decks and more – offering an attractive, naturally durable and versatile alternative. Intrinsically beautiful (lustrous and golden – like Kauri), Golden Cypress salvaged timber decking is the natural choice.

Benefits of Golden Cypress decking

• A truly sustainable alternative compared to other decking options.
• Naturally durable with exceptionally low shrinkage.
• Naturally termite resistant, with a delightful and mildly spicy fragrance.
• Chemical free – unlike the toxins in treated pine for example. No glues to fail either. 
• Our Wharf-Deck™ decking is structurally graded F7 so you can use far less sub-structure.

What Customers Say

“Thanks for the first batch of wood – it has been laid now and looks superb!! I have found dealing with you to be wonderful and so easy – so thank you for the experience.”
Kym, VIC

 Grades and Prices

A wide board decking supplied with a sawn face for that wharf-style look. Perfect for boardwalks.

Structural F7 grade quality with minimal sapwood so you need less substructure than a conventional deck.

Product Code Size Maximum length Price/m incl. GST
15038WD 150 x 38 4.2m 6.90
15050WD 150 x 50 4.2m 9.08

Min. order timber $660
Please ensure you have allowed for wastage eg. off-joist waste. As a minimum allow 10% for 450Cs and 15% for 600Cs. Because we cut to very specific grading rules, lengths supplied are random longs (min 2.1m – and max 3.6m if being freighted to you). Occasionally some set lengths may be available (add 20%); if so, you can order set lengths in increments of 0.1m. 
For a professional look, we recommend arrissing (planing the corners off).
Golden Cypress exhibits extremely low shrinkage across the grain, so Golden Cypress Wharf-Deck™ is supplied unseasoned. To compensate for any gaps that may appear as a result of end shrinkage along long decks, clever designers ensure that the docked ends are also arrissed, expressing any gap that may eventuate.

Wharf Deck joinWharf-Deck™ join
Wharf Deck Join OpenWharf-Deck™ join open

IMPORTANT: Prices (if quoted) do not normally include delivery fee. Click delivery button for options.

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