We have in stock a range of delightful bark to bark slabs – Golden Cypress, Oregon, Redwood, Port Orford Cedar and often other magnificent exotics. All our timber slabs are fully seasoned and absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for tables, desks, coffee tables, bench tops and more – let your imagination run wild! Contact us for a list of what’s in stock and to be sent photos of your short-listed preferences.

What Customers Say

“I have found dealing with you to be wonderful and so easy – so thank you for the experience.”
Kym, VIC

Cypress slab grain (typ)Cypress slab grain (typ)

Oregon slab (typ)Oregon slab (typ)

POC grain POC grain

GC clearwoodGC clearwood

GC feature - Picasso?GC feature – Picasso?


Natural Edge Slab Prices

Contact us for our latest list of seasoned bark-to-bark slabs in a number of gorgeous species.

Choose the ones you like, tell us their ID number and we can send you a photo of each one.

IMPORTANT: Prices (if quoted) do not normally include delivery fee. Click delivery button for options.

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