For over 25 years we’ve been rescuing old, sick, dangerous and redundant farm trees from being burned or becoming landfill and processing this salvaged wood into Australia’s most sustainable timber products.

Often copied – never bettered.



Available in Structural Grade F7 – stronger than cypress pine.


Similar to Jarrah and River Red Gum, ~15+ years in-ground.


Unlike rainforests, new plantations are being added continually.

Chemical Free

100% toxin free and no glues to fail either.

Termite Resistant

Naturally termite resistant with a mildly spicy fragrance.

Ethically Sourced

Only over-mature, dangerous, sick or redundant trees are harvested.

Intrinsically Beautiful

Like Kauri, lustrous and golden. Fiddleback is quite common.

Low Shrinkage

Unbeatable 3.3% Tangentally & 1.6% Radially (C.mac).

Who’s using GOLDEN CYPRESS®?

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Do you have access to cypress trees? Are you currently milling macrocarpa?

By pooling our resources as sawmillers we can even out the highs and lows of small-scale milling and extract maximum value from your time, your sawmill and your logs. Become a part of Australia's largest cypress sawmilling network and share the rewards.
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