Boat Building

Golden Cypress is the ideal timber for your next boat building or boat renewal project. Being inherently stable and durable, it is also coveted by wood-turners and craftspeople for being so easy to work with. The intrinsic beauty of the timber (closely resembling Kauri) makes for a stunning visual presence.

Benefits of Golden Cypress timber

• Naturally strong and durable.
• Intrinsically beautiful. Lustrous. Like Kauri.
• Highly workable.
• Slow growing. Tight grain.
• Available in large sections and long lengths.

What Customers Say

“I used Golden Cypress in my traditional post and beam construction in Belmont Victoria and I have loved the beauty and versatility of this timber. I particularly like it’s robust qualities, lovely colour and grain. I chose it also for the fact that it is a sustainable timber and pest resistant.”
Leigh Adamson, VIC

Grades and Prices

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