Bee Boxes

Now there’s no need to paint or dip in wax. Due to demand from apiarists for chemical-free, durable and sustainable bee boxes timber we now supply a specific Bee Box Grade for this important industry. Common sizes include 250×25, 200×25 and 150×25 but feel free to contact us regarding any specific requirements you have.

Features of Golden Cypress Bee Box Grade Timbers 

• Extraordinarily stable. Shrinkage is just 3.3% tangentially & 1.6% radially (C.mac).
• Old-growth trees. Slow growing. Tight grain. Minimal sapwood.
• Naturally termite resistant: With a naturally delightful and mildly spicy fragrance.
• Chemical free: Unlike the toxins in treated pine for example. No glues to fail either.
• Lighter weight: Makes handling and lifting less tiring. And safer. Lighter than pine!

What Customers Say

“What has really impressed me about dealing with Golden Cypress is that you have gone out of your way to provide us with a specific grade of timber suitable for the building of bee boxes so that our quality requirements are satisfied while the cost has been kept to a minimum.”
Charles Hamilton, Gold Coast Natural Beekeepers Inc
One of the things we were looking for in this purchase was sustainable timber. We do not wish to be obtaining timber from sources that are taking from natural bushland or clear felling. Although an exotic species, we are pleased that this timber comes from farm woodlots as it allows us to maintain the Demeter standard to which we adhere for the building of our materials and keeping of bees.
Charles Hamilton, Gold Coast Natural Beekeepers Inc

Grades and Prices

The most popular Bee Box Grade timber sizes are outlined below, but feel free to contact us regarding any specific requirements you have.

Note: Min order 200m. Ordinarily supplied in pack lengths of 2.4m for distant freight. Min length 1.1m. 

Product code Width (mm) Height (mm) Length (mm) Price / m (incl. GST)
Beebox ROM250 250 25 Random lengths $8.32
Beebox ROM200 200 25 Random lengths $6.05
Beebox ROM150 150 25 Random lengths $4.54

Also unseasoned pine is available cheaply

Some box builders insist on first seasoning their timber. Fortunately for them, air drying Golden Cypress Bee Box Grade is easy. And quick if done correctly.

  1. Dress first (if dressed is your preference)
  2. Grade and dock to a few mm over length
  3. Perfectionists might drill holes in knots to release tension
  4. Rack out with gauged sticks in good air, cover, weight and shade
  5. Generally takes around 6 weeks to 15%MC
  6. Dock to finished length and build your boxes

IMPORTANT: Prices (if quoted) do not normally include delivery fee. Click delivery button for options.



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