F7 Structural Timber

For over 25 years we have been developing a range of  in-house grades specifically designed for Golden Cypress; grades to suit to almost any application including our F7 Structural Timber Grades. Strong, durable and intrinsically beautiful, Golden Cypress – unlike recycled timber – has no nails, bolts, checkouts, holes, mangled surfaces or waste to contend with, supplying you with the sizes and lengths you actually want. With over 30 years delivering honest and experienced industry advice, Golden Cypress is the brand you can trust.

Common Uses for Golden Cypress Structural Timber

  • Post and beam construction, mudbrick house frames, traditional timber framing
  • Thick, wide planks for wharf-style decking
  • Bearers, joists, lintels, exposed beams, exposed rafters, battens
  • Verandahs, decks, gazebos, pergolas – all outdoor structures
  • Drop-slab construction

With sizes up to 250×250 up to 6.5m – we custom cut to order every day. With enough lead time we can even cut 500×250 up to 9m long!

Features of Golden Cypress Structural Timber

  • Extraordinarily stable. Shrinkage is just 3.3% tangentially & 1.6% radially (C.mac).
  • Old-growth trees. Slow growing. Tight grain. Minimal sapwood
  • Professionally graded to F7.  So you’ll get F7 – and better!
  • Intrinsically beautiful. Like Kauri. Lustrous and golden. Fiddleback is common!
  • Naturally termite resistant: with a naturally delightful and mildly spicy fragrance
  • Ethically sourced: only over-mature, dangerous, sick or redundant trees are harvested
  • Chemical free: no toxins, no poisons, no glues – no additives whatsover
  • Real, solid timber all the way through. No glues to de-laminate or fail
  • Lighter weight makes handling and lifting less tiring. And safer. Lighter than almost all hardwoods!

What Customers Say

“In my dealings with Rod from Golden Cypress I was always impressed with his professionalism and excellent service.  The timber we received for our mud brick project was absolutely beautiful.  The lengths supplied were straight and smooth and were packed to ensure they arrived in good order.  I would have no hesitation in ordering timber from Golden Cypress again and would recommend them highly.”
Anne Hodgson, NSW

Grades and Prices

Here are some examples of our most popular sizes of F7 structural timber, professionally graded by our qualified sawmillers. Most importantly, if it’s not structurally graded, your building inspector can enforce demolition!

Please note: if you need short lengths, please order short lengths. It improves our recovery rate, will shorten your lead time and cost you less in freight. And also as part of our minimum waste ethos, we’re proud to offer you the ability to order set lengths in increments of 0.1m.

All the sizes below – and more – are also available in Landscape Grade.

Minimum timber order is $660. 

Grade Size (mm) Price / m (incl. GST) Max. length (m)
F7 Structural 100 x 100 12.10 3.0
F7 Structural 125 x 125 18.90 4.2
F7 Structural 150 x 38 6.90 3.6
F7 Structural 150 x 50 9.08 4.2
F7 Structural 150 x 150 27.23 4.8
F7 Structural 200 x 50 12.10 contact us
F7 Structural 200 x 75 18.15 contact us
F7 Structural 200 x 100 24.20 contact us
F7 Structural 200 x 200 48.40 contact us
F7 Structural 250 x 50 17.88 contact us
F7 Structural 250 x 75 26.82 contact us
F7 Structural 250 x 250 78.13 contact us

Rates shown are for lengths up to and including 4.2m. Lengths over 4.2 add 20%. Lengths over 6.0 add 40%. Longest length possible is generally a maximum of 6.5m. We cut to almost any size so if you don’t see the sizes you want here, reach out. For job lots with many mixed sizes in many lengths we may have to charge a little more to cover waste (email us for a quote). 

TRANSPORTING F7: Cost of transport is firstly calculated on your longest length (ie. pallet spaces covered, in multiples of 1.2m) so order the shortest possible lengths you can use – and save even more!

If you aren’t sure about anything, contact us to discuss the most appropriate grade for your particular job.

* For in-ground use we recommend applying a proprietary fungicide/insecticide.

IMPORTANT: Prices (if quoted) do not normally include delivery fee. Please click delivery button to see your options.

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