Garden Sleepers

Gardeners these days are becoming more selective, especially when it comes to vegetable beds. Treated products are not ideal for raised garden beds and old railway sleepers are decreasing in popularity because they are typically half rotten, hard to work with, heavy and dirty (they can also hold termites, oil, creosote, herbicides and asbestos). The solution is Golden Cypress garden sleepers – the natural choice. These provide a high quality and sustainable option (unlike redgum, cypress pine or ironbark), and the bright and consistent colour of Golden Cypress looks fantastic in any garden setting!

Benefits of Golden Cypress garden sleepers

• A safer, truly ‘eco’ alternative. No treatment required. No nasty chemicals. All natural.
• Choose from a great range of sizes: 200×50/75/100 in lengths to 4.2m.
• Durable: Similar to Jarrah and River Red Gum, expect ~15+ years in-ground (NZFRI)
• Ethically sourced: Only dangerous, sick or redundant trees are harvested.
• Tight grain. Minimal sapwood. Extremely low shrinkage. No wastage!
• Golden Cypress always looks good and presents well. Ordering Landscape Grade means you will almost certainly get some Structural and Premium Grades too!
• Own a talking point: Golden Cypress has a distinct colour and fresh, slightly spicy fragrance.
• Sustainability is not going to go away – there is simply no better alternative!

What Customers Say

“I purchased some Golden Cypress timber to build the superstructure for two footbridges in Cathedral Range State Park. Not only was the price less than Treated Pine, the timber arrived all cut to the lengths I needed for the job, which cut down on wastage and made transport easier. I found the timber stable, easy to work and handle. I finished it off with a preservative oil and it looks a very nice, deep honey colour. It suited my needs perfectly, being eco-friendly, durable, easy to work and light to carry, which was important as our bridges were only accessible on foot. I’ll definitely be using it again.”
Miles Stewart-Howie, Park Ranger

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Fresh Sawn Sleepers

Length (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Pack size  
2400 200 50 40  
200 75 25  
200 100 20  
2700 200 50 40  
200 75 25  
200 100 20  
3000 200 50 40  
200 75 25  
200 100 20  
3600 200 50 25  
200 75 25  
200 100 20  
4200 200 50 25  
200 75 25  
200 100 20  
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Metropolitan and Outer Metropolitan Melbourne customers: Call us for your nearest Approved Golden Cypress Sleepers distributor who will serve you personally and arrange door-to-door delivery.

All other regions: Call us to discuss your sleeper needs. Minimum order ex-mill is one full pack. See below for pack sizes. Other section sizes available (minimum order quantity usually applies).

IMPORTANT: Prices (if quoted) do not normally include delivery fee. Click delivery button for options.

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