Post and Rail Fencing

Made from sturdy, durable and sustainable Golden Cypress, our traditional post and rail fencing will add solidity and value to give your property prestige and memorable appeal.

To make installation easy, all our timber post & rail fence-kits are professionally pre-cut for quick and accurate installation. Choosing between 1, 2 or 3 rail fence-kits will suit projects of all shapes and sizes. Without compromise, all our rails are F7 Structural Grade quality and all our in-ground fencekit timbers are given APVMA approved extra protection against termites and decay.

Why choose concrete fencing imitating real timber (or even worse plastic fencing imitating real timber!) when you can have the real thing?

Golden Cypress Post and Rail Fencing INCLUSIONS and Benefits

  • Available in 1, 2 or 3 rail kits (traffic barriers usually 1 rail)
  • Compare: All our rails are 200×50 F7 Structural Grade (and Better)
  • Standard rail height is 1200 mm (above ground level)
  • We optimise your job from your sketch-plan. Generally post spacings (ie. rail lengths) are 2.4m up to 3.0m. 
  • Compare: All our post and rail kit posts come DOUBLE-COATED with APVMA approved extra protection against termites & rot applied to post bottoms, mortices and tops as standard. If you’re quote-shopping INSIST all quotes include this – no timber can last forever without it! Paint and bitumen are not approved for this! Opt-out is available by request.
  • All posts being 200mm wide means all post faces are in a straight line, thus any wire or mesh you attach will all be in a straight line (rather than in and out)
  • Mid posts are most usually 200×100, but we can also make other sizes eg. 200×125, 200×150 or 200×200
  • All posts are professionally pre-morticed (not hacked with a chainsaw) and tops are bevelled
  • Compare: All components have all faces and arrisses (corners) sanded smooth
  • Special 45′ entrance sets are easily catered for
  • Compare: When rails meet posts at a 45′ angle our unique morticer can mortice neatly through the arriss. Other kit suppliers might require you to make awkward geometric modifications yourself
  • Compare: Our fence kits are also available in budget-priced High Feature Grade cypress, or in H4 treated pine

What Customers Say

“If anyone is looking for large timbers for their post and beams (or other) I would highly recommend Golden Cypress. Beautiful timber, very easy to work, light, strong  and economical.”
Jason, Tilba
We have had quite a few positive comments and also some friends interested in doing the same. So we are very pleased with the fabulous look of our new entrance.
Celia K

Our Standard Kits

NOTE: We can supply non-standard kits too. But we will need your FULL specs.

Post and Rail Fencing PRICES

To receive a comprehensive and competitive fixed price quote you will need to:

  1. Attach a simple sketch plan (a photo of your hand drawing will do) showing all dimensions and any angles. We do need a drawing though, not just a description!
  2. Indicate how many rails you want. You can choose your kit from the 2 standard sets above.
  3. Indicate your preferred post spacings (ie. rail lengths) from 2.4m (std), 2.7m or 3.0m. Then we can work out the most cost-effective and best-looking option for you .
  4. Tell us your preferred delivery option. (Red button below.)


For an estimated price for your post and rail fence kit you can use this chart as a general guide.

No. of rails 2 2 2 3 3 3
Rail length 2.4 2.7 3 2.4 2.7 3
Rail height 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2
RRP $/m* 68 63 59 86 80 76

*Estimate INCLUDES GST, is EXW and is based on 100m single straight run. Actual price will depend on quantity ordered and/or job complexity.

*H4 treated pine option approximately 10% less. Ask about our more rustic High Feature Grade fence-kits.

IMPORTANT: Prices do not normally include delivery fee. Please select your preferred delivery option.

Refer to our gates page to have our magnificent gates also showcase your property entrances.


Good building practice requires that all freshly cut surfaces have an application of a water repellent preservative. End-grains require particular attention, especially post tops.

On all timber to be painted, ends in particular, are to be primed with a compatible primer. If painting, light coloured paint will last longer.

All exposed, uncoated external timbers will tend to oxidise to a silvery grey colour, the degree and rate of greying dependent upon the exposure level of each element to sun, wind and rain. Although Golden Cypress has its own natural durability when used in conjunction with good building practices, we suggest using a high quality penetrating oil with effective fungicidal properties and re-coating according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Should you want a quick and even greying effect, your paint supplier should be able to add a grey tint for you.

Should you want to want to bring the natural colour back from grey,  oxalic acid has proven effective.

Regardless of what you choose, always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Some customers have suggested these options:

  • Cutek as a preservative
  • Wattyl Exterior Deck Teak Tallow – its tint colour closely matches the colour of fresh-sawn Golden Cypress
  • Livos products (for the health conscious)

Although some products require more frequent re-coating , you should also factor in the ease of re-coating.

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