Furniture Making

Golden Cypress sustainable timber is available in a range of grades, including Structural Grade F7 and Premium, making it a practical and affordable option for your next furniture making project. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, why not take advantage of the stunning golden hues and intrinsic beauty to create a piece with true ‘wow’ factor? We’ve even supplied timber for the Melbourne Zoo Lemur Enclosure’s ‘suspended inclined yoga platform’! Finishes include oil, paint, stain, clear finishes or simply left ‘au naturel’. Bark to bark slabs also available.


Benefits of Golden Cypress timber

  • Naturally strong and durable with exceptionally low shrinkage.
  • Slow growing. Tight grain. Minimal sapwood.
  • From 75×50 to 250×250, we custom cut to order every day.
  • Intrinsically beautiful. Like Kauri. Lustrous. Fiddleback is common.
  • Naturally termite resistant, with a slightly spicy fragrance.
  • Chemical free and ethically sourced.

What Customers Say

“I used Golden Cypress in my traditional post and beam construction in Belmont Victoria and I have loved the beauty and versatility of this timber. I particularly like it’s robust qualities, lovely colour and grain. I chose it also for the fact that it is a sustainable timber and pest resistant.”
Leigh Adamson, VIC

Grades and Prices

Minimum order is $600.

Contact us or call Rod (our National Sales Manager) on 0408 372 600. F7 grades are readily available. Premium Grade is the best grade we can cut. Available at short notice to the extent that our logs allow!


Store timber well clear of the ground on level supports spaced no more than 600mm apart and 150mm off the ground. Protect from sun, rain and extreme heat, preferably by storing under cover and above or away from any ground splashing. Exercise care in handling and keep clean and dry because marks and stains may not be hidden by clear or stain finishes. If left for more than a few weeks in a “block-stacked” pack, unseasoned timber may develop a slight superficial reddish discolouration between boards. To avoid this, you can rack the timber using dressed racking sticks of seasoned pine or similar, spaced at 600 centres over supports, stored as described above.


Indoors timber can be oiled, painted, stained, coated with a clear finish or simply left uncoated. When left untreated outdoors to go silver grey or an oil or stain finish has been chosen, good building practice requires that all freshly cut surfaces have an application of a water repellent preservative or of the selected stain. On all timber to be painted, freshly cut ends are to be primed with a compatible primer. If painting, light coloured finishes are preferred. Always refer to the coating manufacturer’s recommendations. All outdoors, uncoated external timbers will tend to fade to a silver grey colour, the degree and rate of greying dependent upon the exposure level of each wall to sun, wind and rain. Although Golden Cypress has its own natural durability when used in conjunction with good building practices, we recommend using a high quality penetrating oil with effective fungicidal properties and re-coating according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Should you want a quick and even greying effect, your paint supplier should be able to add a grey tint for you. [/tab] [/tabs]

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