Excellent question. We’ve been banging on to FSC for well over a decade now, despite Golden Cypress having – without challenge – the highest sustainability credentials of any species in Australia.

It’s simple really. We salvage this wood from windbreaks (of exotics) about to be otherwise pushed up burnt and, with minimal external energy input, we convert it straight into sizes and lengths users want and send it straight from the mill to the job. Yes, even more sustainable than plantation timber or recycled timber. More about that is explained elsewhere in these FAQs.

So back to FSC. “Nope sorry. We can’t help you. We don’t have a classification for that. You need to have a forest. Or a plantation.”

So that’s it folks. The world’s most respected timber certification organisation can’t/won’t certify this vast country’s most sustainable source of timber. So sorry you architects, designers and specifiers out there, you can’t get any official Green Star points for using this awesome resource.

Yes, we’re very frustrated too. We’ve been banging on to FSC for change for well over a decade now, alas to no avail.

Let us know your thoughts here. Even better, lobby FSC directly on +613 9329 9984 and ask for the Manager of Policy.