Delivery Information

We deliver Australia wide. Generally we use third party freight companies.

HINT: If you need short lengths, order short lengths. You might get longs anyway, but ordering shorts will cost you less, improve our recovery rate, shorten your lead time and cost you less in freight.

Your transport options (generally in order of increasing cost):

  1. Pick-up from one of these Victorian freight depots (currently Hallam, Bayswater, Yarraville, Warragul and Morwell). Note: Not all products are available from all depots.
  2. Pick-up from a freight depot near to your site, chosen by you.  In many cases your local hardware, garden supplies yard or stock agent will forklift your load off the third party truck (NB: this could be a huge truck). Then you arrange with that depot either a lift onto your vehicle or for them to on-deliver to your site for you.
  3. Delivered with a third party truck direct to your site* where there is all-weather access and a forklift or a crane able to lift at least 1200 kg from a minimum height of 2.4m. (NB: this truck could be a huge truck with other goods needing to be shifted). Some customers with larger orders have rented a local crane-truck to unload at their site.
  4. Delivered with a third party crane-truck direct to your site where there is all-weather access. (NB: this truck could be a huge truck). Crane-truck option not available all areas and only available outside major centres for large orders.

We will advise you when your job is completed and ready to be despatched for freighting and, as applicable, the freight company’s phone number and your consignment-note number for you to conveniently track your delivery’s progress through them.

*IMPORTANT: Freight companies advise that unloading by hand is not available and if no suitable machinery is available at delivery this will likely result in your order returning to depot at your cost, plus a re-delivery fee.

When you have finalised your order quantities and your preferred delivery option please contact us  for delivery pricing.